Property Management Services

The Carpenter Group is proud of its commitment to provide individual attention to each and every one of its clients and their residents. Our services are specifically tailored to meet the individual and exacting needs of each building owner and their property's tenancy. We offer simple bookkeeping services to those investors who still like the "hands on" thrill of property ownership, or we offer complete and total service to more than a dozen owners who rarely see their properties at all, and we have dozens of clients who fit right in between. Other clients still want to do their own bookkeeping, but hire us for their maintenance, vacancy prep and construction work.  Whatever your requirements, we always try to go the extra mile to give you just what you need. That's what makes us the respected and trusted company that we are.

SERVICEs we provide

  • Hands-on, personal attention to both the property owner and the building residents. 
  • Active marketing of all vacancies with area-wide involvement in many advertising venues including the MLS. 
  • Thorough application screening procedures that we apply equally to all prospective tenants. 
  • ACH required rent collection.  All residents are set up through automatic draft to make rent collection and distribution a breeze.  We draft on the first of the month (or first available day) and owners are paid on the fifth of the month.  
  • On-site inspections of all facilities and equipment. 
  • Complete maintenance and repair services through our own contractor contacts or we can use your preference of contractors.  We are easy to work with here!
  • End of the year statements, including fees rendered throughout the year so owners can deduct appropriate expenses from their taxes.


As part of a gift to our new clients we always provide a professional photographer session when listing a property.  We find it is very important to always put your best foot forward and in the real estate world that means having great advertising.  Our firm has memberships to advertise on the local MLS, Zillow, Trulia, Hot Pads, and any other new real estate advertising platform.



Securing your Investment

We treat your property as the investment it deserves to be. With our required resident ACH (auto-draft) we have to this date, not had a resident miss a payment. We have partnered with BB&T and a highly secured online program called Cash Manager Online for all transactions. Rent is collected on the first of every month (unless there is a holiday or bank closure) and owners are paid by the 5th of each month through direct deposit.  This allows owners to treat their properties truly as a financial vehicle. Set it and forget it! 


Our fees vary based on relationships and length of contracts. Typically our firm charges 1 month worth of rent to set everything up.  Then an ongoing fee of 7% per month to maintain the property.  These fees are all tax deductible for property owners.  Hang on to those invoices we send out! 

As investment property owners ourselves we also can help with the buying and securing of portfolio products. We have built models that can help investors to realize the potential of local properties.  As NC and Raleigh natives we know where to search out properties.